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The system is broken, needs to be fixed


The immigration system is broken, and needs to be fixed


The system is generally fine, the problem lies much deeper

Together with a statement along the lines of "our immigration laws don't work", this is one of the more popular mantras. The fact is that our system has rarely been completely enforced across the board.

Many of those same groups that have worked as hard as possible to thwart the enforcement of our laws now inform us that those laws don't work.

Now, many of those groups want the laws to be changed to suit them. As if suddenly they will then abide by the new laws that are more to their liking.

Will a group that supports illegal immigration now suddenly stop supporting it after the laws have been changed? Not likely.

The reform that's necessary is to stand up to those forces that oppose our laws, not to give in to what they want. Because, due to monetary or racial reasons, they will always want more.

The problem is that most politicians are dependent on those groups. The Democrats almost always do what far-left racial identity organizations want. And, both parties - but especially the Republicans - take contributions from corporations and industry organizations that profit off illegal activity.

Needless to say, these groups spread their money and influence around, and very few politicians are able to resist being partly or completely controlled by them. Perhaps a third-party candidate - such as a centrist version of Howard Dean - could combine mainstream views with grassroots organizing and fundraising.