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No such word as "illegal"


Using the word "immigrants" when in fact referring to "illegal aliens"


Intentionally misleading

The supporters of illegal immigration have a constant problem with using the correct language. They frequently use the politically correct euphemism "undocumented". However, some take it a step further: using the word "immigrants" or "immigration" to refer to "illegal aliens" or "illegal immigration".

Obviously, this is a dishonest attempt to claim that illegal immigration is the same as the legal variety.

This also blurs the lines between those who followed the rules and those who did not. That lowers the value of the process that those legal immigrants went through. Most legal immigrants shouldn't be happy about being put in the same boat as those who overstayed their visas or snuck across the border.

This is a constant problem with newspaper and AP headline writers.


New York Immigration Coalition
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(Only one sentence on the linked page makes an oblique reference to this being an issue of legal vs. illegal: "The law does NOT say that immigration status is a requirement for drivers' licenses.")