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Illegal aliens are powerless


Illegal aliens have no power


The claim is usually made by a powerful supporter of illegal immigration

One of the more self-evidently ludicrous claims is that illegal aliens have no power, they're the most vulnerable people in our society, etc. While that's true in some ways, many of those who make these claims do have power - in some cases a great deal - and they're powerful supporters of illegal immigration.

While individual illegal aliens are much more likely to be abused, as a class illegal aliens are quite protected. Both the Republican and Democratic parties support illegal immigration and oppose those who would deport them. Far-left foundations - such as the multi-billion dollar Ford Foundation - give millions of dollars to advocacy groups such as MALDEF and NCLR that support illegal immigration and defend the "rights" of illegal aliens.

An endless line of politicians such as president George W Bush, Senator Harry Reid, CA state Senator Gil Cedillo all support illegal immigration, and major banks and corporations profit off illegal immigration and don't want it to stop. Due to those protectors, illegal aliens as a group do indeed have a great deal of power.


Dr. David Elcott
Publication date: 2008-01-01T00:00:00
Source's job title: U.S. Director of Interreligious Affairs
Source's organization: American Jewish Committee
Publication name: press release

The AJC strongly supports the need for bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform, alternative approaches to which are now pending in Congress. "Appropriately drafted legislation would improve national security through enhanced border security and effective enforcement, while protecting those most vulnerable in our society through earned legalization and increased worker protections," Elcott said.

Ranjana Natarajan
Publication date: 2005-6-6T00:00:00
Source's job title: attorney
Source's organization: ACLU of Southern California
Publication name: Los Angeles Times

ACLU attorney Ranjana Natarajan said she believes the dozen agents harassed "day laborers and other vulnerable workers" out of frustration over the Inland Empire's growing immigrant population.