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"Hispanic" implies "illegal alien"


All Hispanics are illegal aliens


Obviously false

Some sources use phrases such as "the Hispanic community", "the Latino community", or "the Spanish-speaking community" to refer to a group that is later identified as illegal aliens. Obviously, that implication is false and should be considered a bit of a smear. However, it's used both by "liberals" as well as small-town newspapers who may be under the sway of those local businesses that are profiting off the illegal labor.


Gabriela Rico
Publication date: 2008-01-01T00:00:00
Publication name: Oregon Statesman Journal

KWIP (880 AM) "La Campeona" DJs Don Angel and Jose Alfaro will join the Salem Police Department in a campaign to reach out to the growing Spanish-speaking community by riding with police on patrol and reporting their adventures to listeners... The novel approach uses radio because it is the medium trusted most by Latinos for news and information, research shows... ...Confusion and mistrust about the role of local police has hampered other forms of outreach to Latinos, [Salem police Chief Jerry Moore] said... "We hosted one program to teach about drug awareness, and a lot of people were afraid to come because they thought we were going to deport them," Moore said. "Our job is not to deport people." ..."We are very pleased that they are interested in this community," Alfaro said. "Sometimes (Latinos) make mistakes simply because they do not know or understand the rules and laws."