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"A Day Without a Mexican"


That movie reflects what would happen if we enforced our laws


Anyone who uses that movie as an example doesn't understand this issue or is lying

As if all the other forms of pro-illegal immigration propaganda weren't ludicrous enough, some supporters point to the movie "A Day Without a Mexican" as an example of what would happen if we enforced our immigration laws. Those who do that are generally liberal and libertarian bloggers and commentors, not those at a higher level.

Anyone who uses this argument is automatically revealing that they have no understanding of this issue: the film is based on the premise that all Hispanics disappear from California, leaving only powerless, clueless "Anglos".

Obviously, that premise is not only racist, it completely misrepresents the position of those who want to enforce our laws. No one is calling for all Hispanics to leave, only for all those persons - regardless of country of origin - who are here illegally to do so.

For more on the movie, see "A Day Without Misrepresentation?"


Jack Cluth
Publication date: 2006-3-9T00:00:00
Source's job title: blogger
Publication name: People's Republic of Seabrook

If you're not buying my argument, try going to your local video store and renting A Day Without A Mexican. It might give you an idea of what might happen if we manage to keep out illegal aliens. Remember, these folks come here because there is a demand for cheap labor. There is a huge demand for the services they can provide; it's simple supply-and-demand market economics. If the jobs they take could be filled by willing Americans, you can be sure they would be. Illegals work cheaply, and they don't demand benefits, which insures that Americans can get their lawns mowed on the cheap. There's a need, and illegals are the only ones available to fill them. Simplistic, politically popular legislation is not going to change that reality. What it WILL do is to make a politician look as if he or she is serious about protecting Der Vaterland the Homeland. And isn't that really what this is all about?