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Illegal immigration: humanitarian and compassionate?


Supporting or enabling illegal immigration (even if they deny that's what they're doing) is humanitarian and compassionate


It's the opposite

Despite what many religious and political leaders claim, it's neither compassionate nor humanitarian to support or enable illegal immigration, for the reasons listed below among others. Many suggest "comprehensive immigration reform" as the solution, without acknowledging that - as is the case now and as was the case after the 1986 amnesty - supposed "tough" enforcement will never materialize. And, that amnesty will send a loud message to millions around the world that all they have to do is come here and lie low for a while before getting their own amnesty. Some new arrivals would even be able to use fraudulent documents to take part in that amnesty. Taken together, "reform" will not reduce or even end illegal immigration as some claim, it will simply allow it to continue as millions new illegal aliens come here.

Please go to public appearances by those leaders, publicly point this out to them, record their response, and then upload that video or audio to sharing sites or other forums.

1. Supporting or enabling illegal immigration leads to border deaths, as prospective illegal aliens know that if they can cross the border and make it to the U.S. they'll be able to find work and a support structure including government benefits. Unfortunately, thousands have died along the way, and those who support or enable illegal immigration are partly responsible for those deaths. And, not all those incidents occur on the border: some Central Americans are robbed or suffer accidents on their way to the U.S. And, of course, coyotes have engaged in countless abuses against those they smuggle into the U.S. In effect, those who enable and support illegal immigration are like a "kindly" person who cuts a hole in a fence around an unattended swimming pool.

2. 14% of Mexico's workforce has come to the U.S. That deprives Mexico of the workers they need to build their economy. It also deprives that country of those who might press for political reforms.

3. Illegal immigration helps prop up the Mexican government and their political elites and helps them avoid reforms.

4. Mexico and other countries have become reliant on remittances, the money that immigrants of all types send to their home countries. See the link for the massive downsides of those money transfers.

5. Banks, money transfer companies, and even the Federal Reserve are trying to take a cut of those remittances, despite the fact that a large part of that money is earned illegally. Banks are trying to offer financial services to illegal aliens. Because those organizations are politically connected, they're able to ensure that politicians help them continue to make money by ignoring or subverting our immigration laws. That leads to massive political corruption in the U.S.

6. Support for illegal immigration leads to a culture of lawlessness inside the U.S., as a small but significant segment of Mexican illegal aliens refuses to acknowledge our immigration laws or our territorial claims. Some illegal aliens see no problem with using false or stolen identities to find work.

7. Massive immigration from Mexico gives a great deal of political power inside the U.S. to the Mexican government and to U.S. racial demagogues, some of whom are rather radical. The Mexican government has explicitly stated that they're going to be working with U.S. non-profits to push their agenda inside the U.S., and many non-profits already have a direct or indirect link to that government, as do some U.S. politicians (all or almost all Democrats). Almost everyone would agree that it isn't good public policy to give a foreign government political power inside the U.S., because the goals of that government are not the goals of the vast majority of U.S. citizens.

8. Any illegal alien is always going to be more susceptible to worker abuse than a legal worker, and that might include being paid a below-minimum wage or being exposed to unsafe working conditions. The only way to reduce those abuse is to reduce illegal immigration.

9. Although some studies purport to show otherwise, a massive influx of low-wage workers has a serious effect on our own low-skilled workers. And, they also compete for public benefits, with some politicians supporting anti-American bills such as the DREAM Act that would let illegal aliens take college discounts from U.S. citizens.