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Barack Obama dissembles on 14th amendment (anchor babies)

Las Vegas Review-Journal "reporter" Molly Ball offers "no woman is illegal" with "Obama rocks Vegas faithful/Candidate charms voters at union hall, school gym". In one of his statements, Barack Obama appears to have dissembled about the U.S. Constitution:

Obama took questions from the audience for more than half an hour. One person wanted to know what he would do about "anchor babies," the term for children of illegal immigrants who are automatically made citizens because they are born on U.S. soil and then serve as "anchors" for their families... He outlined his position on immigration, essentially the same as the bill that passed the Senate and died in the House last year that would beef up border security while providing avenues for existing illegal immigrants to get legal... But, he said, "I'm not going to change the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution says if you're born here, you're a citizen."

Well, not exactly. The fact that the children of illegal aliens are granted U.S. citizenship is an artifact of the way that the 14th Amendment has been interpreted. In fact, the original author of that clause didn't intend it to apply to "foreigners". I guess BHO was just in a rush to give his next stock speech and didn't have time to make such a fine point.

It's worth noting that he did take questions at this appearance, and if people would go to his appearances and ask tough, specific questions that he would have trouble answering - and then promoted his response - it would do a world of good for not just the presidential race but it might also shame the MSM into doing real reporting.