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Safe, legal and orderly comprehensive reform

Illegal immigration supporters seem to all be reading from the same script:

  • "regulates the movement of people across our borders in a manner which is legal, safe and orderly" (Vicente Fox)
  • "President Fox, what are the concrete measures that Mexico is implementing to guarantee this indispensable security so as to have a legal, safe, and orderly migration?" (an unnamed possibly Mexican reporter at a press conference:
  • "We have discussed for a long time with Mexico the need for a more humane, safe, orderly migration policy" (former White House press secretary Scott McClellan)
  • "[Mexican workers] would obviously prefer to enter the country in a safe, orderly, legal process through an official port of entry" (from Dan Griswold)
  • "Migration should be safe, orderly and humane." (White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan)
  • "we need to find a middle ground that protects national security and makes immigration legal, safe, and humane." (Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez
  • "On May 4, Senator Kennedy (D-MA) and Representatives Menendez (D-NJ) and Gutierrez (D-IL) introduced a comprehensive immigration reform plan, the Safe, Orderly Legal Visas and Enforcement (SOLVE) Act of 2004."
  • [Mexico's ambassador to the United States, Carlos de Icaza] praised growing cooperation that has allowed increased trade and security efforts between Mexico and the United States while encouraging U.S. lawmakers to approve reforms that allow "legal, safe and orderly human migration." (at the third annual Border Security Conference at UTEP)