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Political Splits on Immigration Reflect Voters' Ambivalence

The Washington Post's Dan Balz offers a superficial analysis of the issues here. It seems to be discussing the WaPo/ABC News December 2005 poll in this PDF file, but some of the questions he talks about aren't in that document. When I find the full poll I'll post more information, but for now consider this:

The Post-ABC poll asked whether illegal immigrants who are working here should be given the opportunity to keep their jobs and eventually apply for legal status, or be rounded up and deported to their native countries.

And this:

Conservative anti-immigration advocates controlled the debate last month in the House

And this:

Bush has tried to satisfy those who want to tighten the borders without alienating Hispanic voters, the nation's fastest-growing voting bloc.

UPDATE: Balz uses "rounded up and deported" above, but the actual question asked is a bit more reasonable:

Do you think illegal immigrants who are living and working in the United States now (should be offered a chance to keep their jobs and eventually apply for legal status), or do you think they (should be deported back to their native country)?

It's still a bit of a false choice since another alternative or a component of either choice would be to encourage many of those here to deport themselves. I'll bet if they had asked a question like that they would have gotten a good deal of "strongly agrees".